About US

Amadeyr Cloud Ltd. (ACL) was founded by a group of professionals whose expertise focuses on infrastructure projects, project financing, public policy, legal and regulatory frameworks, and enabling creative solutions to complex problems.  ACL has over the past 3 years focused on solutions to the problem of bridging the digital and literacy divide in Bangladesh and maximizing information efficiency.

ACL has three systems which it has developed to improve information flow:

1. The Amadeyr Delivery System (ADS) – providing users of all literacy levels with access to public information such as their basic rights, disaster preparedness, health, education, agriculture and more…

2. The Amadeyr Digital Survey System (ADSS) – designed to collect and transmit any form of survey required such as Baselines, End line, etc.

3. The Amadeyr Remote Management System (ARMS) – a digital infrastructure for management systems of all processes in any organization/enterprise/institution customized to meet all requirements. 

 These systems are copyright protected in Bangladesh and US patent pending.